Private Gym Access

Our private gym at 105 St Georges Terrace is equipped with a full range of weight training equipment and our friendly instructors are always on hand to help with your routines and offer advice

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F45 Training CBD

F45 Training is the new training technique leaving competition and clients gasping for air. Enjoy access to our 105 and 225 St Georges Terrace studios.  Come and train like the stars at F45 Training

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The Yoga Vine

Find inner peace in the inner city at our 187 St Georges Terrace studio. Increase your overall energy, muscle strength and mobility and calm your body with gentle stretches, postures and poses.

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All things fitness and wellbeing, on the Terrace

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All Access

  • Unlimited F45, Yoga & Gym Access

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Specialised Services

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Body Scans and Nutrition


Personal and Small Group Training


Corporate Wellness Packages

Our Team Leaders

Retimana / Ret
Retimana / RetPT105 Team Leader
Ret’s approach to Personal Training is heavily focused on combining strength and conditioning with mobility
Megan / Megz
Megan / MegzF45 Team Leader
Megan’s approach to group training is focused on technique, consistency and inclusive encouragement
Luke/ Faulks/ Flex
Luke/ Faulks/ FlexF45 Team Leader
Luke’s approach to Personal Training is focused on performance and endurance

Kate Taylor
Kate TaylorYoga Vine Team Leader
Kate has been practicing Yoga since 1993 and teaching since 1999. She has taught around Australia and studied a variety of styles
Donna Buchanan
Donna BuchananYoga Vine Team Leader
Donna discovered yoga at a small light filled studio in inner city Sydney over 20 years ago and began a dedicated Ashtanga practice in 2003
AllYoga, F45, PT105 Trainers
Meet all Personal Trainers from our team, they will show you around, help you with your routines and offer all the advice and support you need